Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Preganant Claudia Schiffer Pose Nude for Vogue

Preganant Claudia Schiffer Pose Nude for VogueCreating a Breaking News this week in the fashion world is the new issue of the German Vogue magazine which features a nude pose of the pregnant 39 year old former supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

"There are probably not many other women who have been photographed as often as Claudia. But she has never been seen in such a different way," Christiane Arp, Vogue German magazine's editor said.

Nowadays, it's safe to pose on the cover of a high fashion magazine in a very different way or approach, like posting nude while you're preganant without hurting a celebrity's credibility.

In fact it's a rising fashion magazine trend, Schiffer's pregnant nude pose is almost the precise pose we saw pregnant Britney Spears did for Harpers, Monica Bellucci with Vanity Fair and Cindy Crawford posed for W.

Even Demi Moore posed naked and pregnant once, and at that time, it was fresh in the world of fashion and even very daring for the people perception. It was 1991 were the world went to all kinds of craziness. “The Simpsons” was considered dysfunctional and disturbing. People were still figuring out what an “e-mail” was. And that the baby inside Moore's belly during the time she pose nude is now actually 18.

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