Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Denies Scram Bracelet was Set Off

Lindsay Lohan Denies Scram Bracelet was Set OffAnother warrant of arrest was issued to Lindsay Lohan by a judge for setting off her alcohol-monitoring bracelet. A bracelet that monitors the bearer's perspiration for alcohol intake and is strictly not allowed to be removed until granted by a judge. Apparently, it was also the same Los Angeles judge who earlier issued Lindsay a warrant of arrest for her failure to show up a in mandatory progress review hearing about a month ago.

Judge Marsha Revel of the Superior Court found that Lindsay violated her previous bail terms, resulting for her to raise Lindsay's post bail up to $200,000 which she later posted in order to avoid any arrest until the actual hearing that would take place next month on July 6. Judge Revel could possible impose for an immediate hearing for bail revocation as soons as she gets the Scram report.

According to Attorney Jane Robison, the District spokeswoman, it was during the Sunday evening of the MTV Movie awards after party that the alcohol monitor bracelet also known as SCRAM device that was placed last month on Lindsay was triggered. The Scram device is part of Linday's probation terms after her convictions of two DUI cases. It still unseen whether the device was triggered by an alcohol detection or if it was tampered, both of which would lead the device to alert the authorites.

Lindsay blasted the media with profanity and false accusations on her twitter page. She denies any allegations of violating her previous bail terms and is persistent that her Scram wasn't set off or anything. A jail time is possible for Linday if ever that she is proven of any kind of violation to her bail terms that includes submission of random drug testing and alcohol abstaining.



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