Sunday, June 6, 2010

Michelle Madrigal Rise to Fame

Michelle Madrigal Rise to FameMichelle Madrigal, real name Michelle Madrigal Gaspar, comes from a Filipino and Spaniard descent, is a Filipino actor that was born in Quezon City on November 4, 1988 in the Philippines. She's the younger sister of current actor Ehra Madrigal and daughter of former actor Katherine Ann Madrigal more known as Karla Kalua.

She first appeared on Pinoy TV thru ABS-CBN's reality talent search TV show "Star Circle Quest" where she was a contestant finalist in 2004. She then followed it by hosting regularly in ABS-CBN's entertainment show "ASAP Fanatic" and appearing to a number of TV shows such as "SCQ Reload", "Spirits", "Vietnam Rose", and her last ABS-CBN TV show appearance in "Maging Sino Ka Man".

Starting 2007, under new managament by well known artist manager Annabelle Rama whom also handles her elder sister Ehra. Coincidentally, both sisters graced FHM's magazine cover on the same month of Septemebr but in different years. Michelle then signed with ABS-CBN's rival GMA network to appear on their TV shows exclusively. She first appeared on GMA TV Network playing a villain role in "Kamandag". She then was casted on different GMA TV shows such as "Dyesebel", "Bubble Gang", "Dear Friend", "Obra", "Luna Mystika", and her latest TV show "Zorro".

Her first movie appearance was a role in "I Wanna Be Happy" directed by a well respected director Jose Javier Reyes under Seiko films. She then succeeded it by being casted to different kinds of role in movies such as "Mano Po 5", "Resiklo" and "My Monster Mom" under GMA Films and Regal Films.



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